About Us

A warm welcome or Croeso in Welsh! Let me introduce myself

I am Sharon, I have lived in Wales all my life, A Welsh girl through and through !…I run a candle making business based here in South Wales, with all the candles traditionally handpoured instore at my Emporium in Gorseinon, Swansea

My Journey

In 2012 I was a property Developer whilst I enjoyed the designing side of the business, I didnt enjoy the getting dirty! at this time I was in training for a half marathon in Memory of my friend Ben who passed at a young age from multiple organ failure, sadly I severely fractured my heel bone.

Unable to work I was contemplating what I could do to pass the time….

This is when I started playing around with making tealights over my kitchen stove, I gave some out as testers and was astounded at the response at how good they were!. so I then progressed onto candles and melts….In March 2013 Belisama Candles was born…

To build the business which I never expected to be doing, I attended various markets and trade events up and down the country for over 4 years…My first ”craft fayre” was in Clydach where I had a table of around 15 tealights, yes that was it, quite funny looking back..an older gentleman came and purchased the lot! I think he felt sorry for me

Over the course of the four years I continued building up a good following and regular loyal customers.

A chance conversation in the gym one day where I was offered a room next to a newsagents which I could transform into a shop had me thinking could I do it?

I had always dreamt of owning my own quirky shop but didnt know how I could manage my time with making the candles . However I decided to take the chance, after all unless you try you never move forward ! It took time to update and decorate the room to look welcoming but it was done in record time ready for the opening evening on 7th April 2016

However a couple of months later another premises came up in my then home town of Gorseinon, this premises was much larger offering more for my money and meant I could expand on my products and introduce more gifts and bath products such as bath bombs to go alongside my candles…..so on August 3rd Belisama Candles Emporium in Gorseinon opened Where I made all the candles out the back room, which is ideal as work now stays in work and when I close the doors its my time. Thats the hardest part about running your own business, is making time for yourself, where does the work stop and you begin? time management is so important I found.

Sadly on August 28th 2019 my hand was forced to close the shop, but a purpose built workshop in LLanelli where I also now run Candle Making Courses from means that Belisama Candles lives on :) and the candle making courses gives clients the opportunity to produce their very own fragranced candles and melts, the only course in South Wales 

With over 6 years candle making experience and using only the highest quality ingredients, I am proud to say I am self taught, and very passionate, with many trial and errors along the way to now produce and offer to customers 5 start rated VEGAN candles and melts. Producing the best candles for my customers is my main priority, after all, who am I without my customers?

We also offer burners for our melts exclusive to Belisama handmade by Trudy from ebsworth pots in Carmarthenshire, each stamped with our logo, supporting local small business and offering more products made here in Wales

Another unique selling point Here at Belisama we also work to help save the environment

when you buy a jar candle from us, return the jar when the candle has expired and we give you a melt for free !

What is the meaning of Belisama?

Being very patriotic I wanted a link with Wales and what I do…

Belisama was the Celtic Goddess married to Bel the God…she was the Goddess of Fire, Forge and of Crafts….PERFECT !!

So from never planning to start this business I would say its gone rather well !

I feel pretty proud when I look back at what I have achieved when I started the business with just £5

This is proof, never give up on a dream and if opportunity knocks, then grab it with both hands, after all whats the worst that can happen?

Check out our full range on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/belisamacandles.wales